10 questions to ask if you are scrutinising arrangements for effective healthwatch

Posted on 01/01/2011 by Tim Gilling. Tags: , , ,

Helping practitioners to put in place robust scrutiny for the establishment, and on going review and support, around Local HealthWatch.

This guide is one of a series designed to help Overview and Scrutiny Committees (OSCs) carry out their scrutiny work around various healthcare, social care and health improvement topics. This guide is designed to help OSCs develop a range of high-level questions around arrangements for local Healthwatch. The aim of the guide is to help OSCs learn from the experiences of others and to assist them to scope scrutiny reviews, based on some key questions.

About the Author: Tim Gilling

Tim is a Director at the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny, leads on health and social care and oversees our work in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.