Annual Survey 2014-15

Posted on 04/06/2015 by Veronique Rendell-Fournier. Tags: ,

Looking at scrutiny support across England and Wales in 2015 – committee sizes and composition, chairing arrangements, the outcome and impact of scrutiny work – as well as practitioners’ perceptions of the function and its future. 

This year’s CfGS’ annual survey received its highest response rate since 2010, gives us real confidence in the value of the results and how we can use them to inform our discussions with leaders, decision-making and government on your behalf and in devising our support programme.

Effective scrutiny is vital to successfully responding to austerity and greater devolution. It can go beyond the traditional adversarial and organisational boundaries and be a genuinely creative force in generating new ideas. It enables the public to engage in the difficult choices and can play a significant role in ensuring implementation is done correctly.

Scrutiny will form an essential part of the public assurance needed when central government devolves greater powers to metro mayors and combined authorities.

CfGS will continue to play its part in supporting the scrutiny system we have today, campaigning for accountability, transparency, and involvement in all public services. We will also be responding to the call for ‘creativity and radical thinking’, scrutiny must transform to become more vital and valued. We look forward to continuing to work with you.