CfGS Annual Review 2014-15

Posted on 22/03/2015 by Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.

CfGS is a charity devoted to good governance and good decision making.

2014/15 was a period of continued transformation for organisations supporting their local communities and residents. The needs of citizens continue to change along with the technology used to access support; demand for social care and healthcare services grows; and financial reductions lead to new ways of working. In this context, decision-makers are under pressure and there has never been more of a need for accountable and transparent governance – the culture which determines the way organisations are run and decisions are made. Sadly, this year will be remembered for the reports of child sexual exploitation in towns across England, reminding us that as organisations grapple with strategic reform there is still a vitally important scrutiny role in ensuring public services are working together effectively to protect and meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens.

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CfGS is a national centre of expertise on governance and scrutiny. We provide consultancy and training to organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors. We’re a charity with a unique focus on the principles of accountability, transparency and involvement.