Considerations for improving citizen participation in the Scrutiny of Combined Authorities in England

Posted on 11/07/2022 by Various authors.

This publication is a collaboration between the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny and the Democratic Society and was authored by Christabel Tuke, Programme Director at the Democratic Society.

This guide is intended to be a practical resource for officers and Members to stimulate ideas that could be considered regarding public participation, and the role in scrutiny. There are some examples of the approaches and some thoughts on values and principles. There is section on benefits and challenges that greater public participation brings, the pitfalls to be considered, as well as some ideas about a strategic approach over the long-term.

It is not a definitive guide to policy or legislation, nor will everything in it be practical, timely or appropriate in every context, but it is intended to give scrutiny practitioners some ideas about how to think and work differently.