Scrutinising alternative delivery models for children’s services: approaches and case studies

Posted on 15/11/2017 by Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.

Scrutiny guide to children’s services alternative delivery models

This publication, funded by the Local Government Association (LGA), supports those involved in developing and scrutinising an alternative delivery models (ADMs) to consider the key issues and early experiences. This will include elected members, officers, partners and wider stakeholders who wish to reflect on the potential benefits and challenges that new models may offer.

The purpose of the publication is to:

  • Provide a briefing on the background issues;
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for ADMs;
  • Suggest some key questions and areas for exploration;
  • Support the design of a scrutiny review on the topic;
  • Review recent case studies from four local authorities;
  • Collate lessons and learning from these experiences.


About the Author:

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