Spanning the system – Scrutiny Development Area case studies

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Helping councils to understand and manage the transitions associated with the 2012 health services reforms in England. These case studies have been produced by 14 scrutiny development areas and the CfGS Expert Advisors that supported them.

In April 2012, CfGS received funding from the Department of Health to help support scrutiny and accountability as the health system changed in response to the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

14 Scrutiny Development Areas worked with CfGS to develop their own relationships and ways of working and the learning has been shared in the partner publication to these case studies ‘Spanning the System.’

This publication seeks to share the journeys that individual areas took in exploring the new landscape. Each case study sets out what the area hoped to achieve by being part of the programme, what they did, what they learned and what’s next for them.

About the Author: Su Turner

CfGS has a wealth of experience in supporting the governance and scrutiny of safeguarding, children’s services and education, for more information please contact us by emailing: This page was originally authored by Su Turner, formerly Director of Children and Young People, who left CfGS in April 2017.