Using evidence in scrutiny

Posted on 15/05/2017 by Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.

A practice guide for local government scrutiny about the best ways to understand and use evidence jointly produced by The Centre for Governance and Scrutiny (CfGS), the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (Solace) and The Alliance for Useful Evidence (supported by Nesta).

Good evidence is the backbone of good scrutiny. Without it, making effective recommendations is impossible. But it is one of the trickiest things to get right.  This report sets out the importance of evidence based decision making in local government policy, how to understand and use evidence effectively in scrutiny, and guides on where to find ‘good’ evidence.


About the Author:

CfGS is a national centre of expertise on governance and scrutiny. We provide consultancy and training to organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors. We’re a charity with a unique focus on the principles of accountability, transparency and involvement.