Assistance on devolution from start to finish

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We can offer a range of support from the beginning of the devolution process, all the way through to deals being implemented.

While we’re keen to see areas work with us on all of the below as a long-term partner, we can provide support on any element singularly or in combination. Our approach is based on the learning from our comprehensive research paper, “Cards on the table”, published in May 2016.

The kinds of help we offer include:

  • Designing systems to engage the public at the start of the process;
  • Working with non-executive councillors to better understand, and feed in, their concerns;
  • Mediating between key leaders/decision makers to reach consensus on the central themes of the post-deal governance arrangements – the presence and powers of a Mayor, for example;
  • Providing oversight on the development of the formal proposal to Government, with a focus on the robustness of proposals around governance (we have a particular offer around “devolution diagnostics”);
  • Managing formal consultations on devolution and the formal scrutiny of devolution proposals by individual local authority overview and scrutiny committees, where relevant;
  • Developing plans to secure buy-in and commitment from a wide range of partners to the eventual deal, using this buy-in to secure agreement on long-term governance;
  • Assisting with the design of detailed governance arrangements – from joint scrutiny systems, through public engagement, to the nuts and bolts of decision-making between the Mayor, combined authority and LEP;
  • Helping with the design and setup of the structures for devolved decision making (we have a separate, more detailed offer in this area);
  • Helping to put in place long-term monitoring and review systems which involve non-executive councillors and local people.

At every stage, our support offer is driven by local need, rather than following a notional methodology or approach which has been developed by us at national level but which may not be appropriate for every area.




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Ed leads CfGS's work on devolution, transformation and on support to councils and other public bodies on governance and accountability.