Devon & Somerset CFA

Posted on 04/01/2021 by Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.

The client and background

CfGS was commissioned to review the effectiveness of Devon and Somerset Combined Fire Authority’s governance arrangements. The aim was to ensure they were fit for purpose to meet their ambitions and respond to external drivers, including the Government’s fire governance modernisation agenda.

What we did and the impact

The evidence gathering took place during September and October 2020 and included a focus on:

  • clarity of purpose;
  • roles and responsibilities;
  • strategic impact;
  • behaviour and culture;
  • the effectiveness and efficiency of the current governance model.

It consisted of a desk-top review, interviews with elected Members in chairing roles, the Police and Crime Commissioner, partners and senior officers, focus groups with Committee Members, meeting observations and a survey.

The draft report and recommendations were considered during a series of virtual Member workshops in November. Overall the analysis and majority of the reports were accepted, and it was agreed that a Member-led task group should be created to assess future governance model options. CfGS is providing ongoing support to the task group. This group will meet over the coming months, reporting back to the Fire Authority in February 2021.


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About the Author:

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