Diocese of London

Posted on 02/06/2020 by Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.

Diocese of London – Hearing the voices of victims and survivors

The client and background 

CfGS was commissioned by the Diocese of London in 2020 to review its approach to the governance of its survivor and victim strategy and safeguarding activity. The aim was to propose how governance needs to be adapted to include victim/ survivor impact engagement into existing or new systems.

What we did and the impact 

CfGS undertook an evaluation of the current position through a combination of discussions with Diocese of London colleagues, national leads, desk research and interviews with senior clergy, staff and independent advisors.

To advise on opportunities for engagement, involvement and influence, the analysis and report focused on cultural as well as governance structure and processes, aimed at creating an environment which is open to scrutiny. The findings and recommendations are currently being considered by the Diocese team.  


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About the Author:

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