Glasgow City Council

Posted on 13/05/2021 by Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.

Supporting strategic scrutiny in Glasgow

The client and background

Glasgow City Council asked CfGS to design and deliver a series of member development sessions to support a strategic approach to scrutiny at the council.

Unlike England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there are no legislative provisions for local government scrutiny in Scotland. However, many Scottish Councils recognise the benefits that formal scrutiny can bring in ensuring best value and by making decision-making structures more efficient, accountable and transparent.

What we did and the impact

CfGS conducted training sessions virtually, setting out best practice and providing an opportunity for members to explore:

  • Prioritising work programmes
  • Selecting relevant data and information
  • Building an evidence base
  • Questioning strategy
  • Developing lines of enquiry
  • Formulating recommendations
  • Making an impact through scrutiny

These sessions, offered to all members, were designed to be interactive – structured with a blend of coaching, small group discussion and open plenary. The aim of the sessions was for members to develop greater insight and impact through their scrutiny activity, we received positive feedback and will continue to support scrutiny in Scottish Councils.


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About the Author:

CfGS is a national centre of expertise on governance and scrutiny. We provide consultancy and training to organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors. We’re a charity with a unique focus on the principles of accountability, transparency and involvement.

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