Governance Innovation Symposium

Birmingham, 26th January 2022, 9:30am - 3:30pm
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Join us and fellow senior individuals from within and beyond the local government sector for this complimentary, invitation-only event as we grapple with the challenges and opportunities that we face in the post-pandemic world.

Please note: this event has been postponed to Jan 26th 2022

The pandemic flagged huge strengths, and weaknesses, in the resilience of local communities and in the work we do to support them. We can be proud of our achievement during the crisis – working quickly and with conviction to support the most vulnerable and to deal with unprecedented uncertainty amongst our residents. Even though the worst of the immediate crisis now appears to be over, the challenge that faces us now is no less significant. We must reappraise the fundamentals of how we work and the way that we support local people to meet the needs of a world whose priorities have shifted utterly since March 2020.

Good governance is the key to this necessary, transformative change. We will in the coming months need to make enormous decisions about post-pandemic services and community needs across everything for which we hold responsibility, in the teeth of ongoing financial pressures. Managed well, governance systems will help us to have the broad conversations with local people and local partners about where priorities now lie, helping us where necessary to shift our operating models and framing a new compact between citizens and local public servants – a sea change in how decisions are made. Managed badly, governance systems will act as a brake on necessary innovation, as our ambition for change is fettered by having to operate within (and increasingly work around) systems designed for an analogue age.

This symposium will seek to:
  • Identify and diagnose the biggest governance challenges and opportunities;
  • Set out what solutions could look like – not just shifts in structures but rethought relationships, framed by a different understanding of local democracy and public participation;
  • Provide both challenge and support to emerging plans that you may have, helping you to benefit from the insight of your senior peers.

The output from this day will inform ongoing discussions with MHCLG and national partners on governance support requirements and new CfGS national research and guidance.

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