Our expertise 

CfGS has taken a lead on the local scrutiny of health services since we were established, and over the years we have developed this practice into providing direct assistance on governance to NHS bodies as well.  

As new integrated health systems emerge, we are committed to supporting the development of a system-wide approach to governance, accountability and scrutiny. While the focus for many may be on changes to acute care, we have also supported councils and their partners to explore challenges relating to public and community health – in particular, social determinants of health.  

Our offer  
  • Supporting councils to establish joint health scrutiny arrangements when NHS bodies propose substantial variations to local health services; 
  • Supporting system partners to develop agreed approaches to scrutiny and oversight in line with the ICS agenda; 
  • Working with CCGs, PCNs and local health scrutiny to build and develop strong working relationships; 
  • Supporting councils to carry out work on health inequalities, and in mainstreaming an understanding of health inequalities into their wider work.  

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