Membership organisations

Membership organisations from trade unions, to professional representative bodies, co-operatives and royal colleges, have a complex range of duties to fulfill and governance arrangements which includes members as well as professional staff.

The pressure to demonstrate transparency, openness to scrutiny and how the voices of members are heard is growing. The most effective membership bodies are those that can evolve their governance approach to enable effective decision-making and oversight, and visibly demonstrate transparency and how members inform decision-making.

CfGS has applied its wealth of governance and scrutiny experience to governance reviews and consultancy support to membership bodies including the Royal College of Nursing and Lawyers in Local Government.

We can help you with a range of challenges:

  • If you are looking to review your governance to test how the voice of members is heard.
  • To assess how you can demonstrate an openness to scrutiny and put in place new independently assured governance mechanisms.
  • To review the effectiveness of your board and broader governance framework.
  • If you are responding to a crisis, governance challenge or a need to focus on improving the culture within which decisions are made.

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