Non-profit organisations

Good governance enables charities and other non-profit organisations to demonstrate transparency, accountability and how they involve key stakeholders in decision-making.

What good governance looks like is clearly set out in codes of governance and other governance and reporting requirements, however the reality of achieving these in practice is often a different story. The pressure to demonstrate transparency, openness to scrutiny and how the voices of different stakeholders are heard is growing.

The most effective organisations are those that can evolve their governance approach to enable effective decision-making and oversight, and visibly demonstrate transparency and how this insight inform decision-making.

CfGS, as an independent charity itself, has a wealth of experience and expertise working across public, corporate, and voluntary sectors. For example, we are currently working with the Diocese of London as they consider how to hear the voices of victims, survivors and their representatives in decision-making. 

We can help you with a range of challenges:

  • If you are looking to review your governance to test how the voice of key stakeholders are heard.
  • To assess how you can demonstrate an openness to scrutiny and put in place new independently assured governance mechanisms.
  • To review the effectiveness of your board and broader governance framework.
  • If you are responding to a crisis, governance challenge or a need to focus on improving the culture within which decisions are made.

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