Public Service Providers – trust, transparency and scrutiny? Take part in our survey!

Posted on 21/05/2018 by Ian Parry.

CfGS is working to support a business in the energy, services and regeneration market who serves organisations in the public sector (including councils, schools, hospitals, housing organisations).
They are keen to provide transparency and scrutiny of their activities to build trust between the business, its customers and stakeholders and improve its service delivery and decision-making.
To achieve this, the company is developing a new charter which sets out standards for how it operates in areas such as speed of supplier payments, pension obligations, dividend policies, social responsibilities, and employment issues.
The implementation of the charter would be overseen by an independent scrutiny board that represents stakeholders, which is verified and supported by CfGS, with annual reports being publicly available.
As councillors and local government employees, we would like to hear your opinion about this initiative – what issues should the business target specifically, how effective do you think the charter would be, and how can private sector build more trust with its stakeholders. You can take the survey here
The survey consists of 6 questions and takes about 4 minutes to fill in. We ensure the anonymity of all responses. Thank you for your time and for sharing your views with us. If you want to send additional comments, be contacted for a more in-depth interview, or have any questions about the survey, please contact Ian Parry on


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