Safeguarding – overview and scrutiny development programme

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Overview and scrutiny development

Why is this important?

Recent reports including Professor Jay’s 2014 Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham and Louise Casey’s follow-up report highlighted the crucial role of scrutiny and challenge and the consequences of its failures. Councils must have good governance and well informed staff and members, armed with the skills and confidence to robustly challenge local authorities’ safeguarding arrangements if it is to fulfill its role in protecting vulnerable children. All councils can benefit of the added security that comes with effective scrutiny of safeguarding protocols, procedures and structures.

Our offer

The Safeguarding overview and scrutiny development programme builds on our research which highlighted the crucial role that scrutiny can play ‘Safeguarding Children – a practical guide for overview and scrutiny councillors’ . The training programme shows officers and members the steps that are required to explore and question council’s current safeguarding arrangements and build in greater protections for vulnerable children.

The programme seeks to support officers and members working with and/or challenging any aspects of the local children’s safeguarding systems and is applicable to district, unitary and county councils.

The programme delivers the following outcomes:

  • Effective local challenge and scrutiny of safeguarding children services to better safeguard and protect local children and young people.
  • Develop the capacity and effectiveness of the local system through a child-centred approach and strong partnership working.
  • Embeds the skills, knowledge and confidence for councillors and officers to robustly challenge authorities to ensure they have excellent safeguarding in place.

The programme consists of six modules and provides a comprehensive package of support for any authority which requires external challenge to their current safeguarding arrangements.

Clients and feedback

“This is the best training session I have ever had at the council, not only for safeguarding, but for scrutiny in general.”

“The whole session was interesting and rewarding”

“A good run through of responsibilities of members”


All CfGS training is delivered by our in house staff or through expert advisers with specialist knowledge and excellent track-records in facilitation, safeguarding and corporate parenting.


To discuss how CfGS can help improve the way your council protects vulnerable children or for further information about course content and costs please contact CfGS: or call 020 3866 5100.

About the Author: Su Turner

CfGS has a wealth of experience in supporting the governance and scrutiny of safeguarding, children’s services and education, for more information please contact us by emailing: This page was originally authored by Su Turner, formerly Director of Children and Young People, who left CfGS in April 2017.