Scrutiny inductions

Posted on 14/04/2016 by Ed Hammond. Tags:

Providing proper, meaningful induction to scrutiny councillors is critical. The scrutiny role is an important one; the reduction in resources available for officer support to the function means that councillors must increasingly be self-servicing. But this will not happen automatically. Councillors need support to give them the confidence to take charge of the scrutiny function – especially when they are newly elected. Effective induction also promises to end, or curtail, damaging or negative political cultures within a council, that might make proper scrutiny more difficult.

We can help to design a deliver comprehensive induction programmes for scrutiny councillors. This can range from one-off, two-hour induction sessions covering the basics, to longer-term induction programmes, where we can help with the design and assist with elements of delivery – for example, facilitating new members’ consideration and agreement of the scrutiny work programme.

We can provide induction support specific to either the English or Wales local government framework.

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Ed leads CfGS's work on devolution, transformation and on support to councils and other public bodies on governance and accountability.