A guide to the CQC for Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Posted on 05/04/2015 by Tim Gilling. Tags: , ,

One of three guides to help overview and scrutiny committees, councillors in general and district councillors in particular to engage and work with the Care Quality Commission. 

This briefing is for councillors engaged in the scrutiny of health and social care and the officers that support them. It explains how councillors can work with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), both as community representatives and in their scrutiny role. It aims to increase confidence and ambition about how councillors and council scrutiny can use our inspection findings about the quality of services and how they can share information with CQC to help uscheck on services.

A short guide for all councillors and one specifically for district councillors are also available on the CQC and Centre for Governance and Scrutiny(CfGS) websites. This guide has been produced jointly by the CQC and CfGS, with the advice of local councillors.

About the Author: Tim Gilling

Tim is a Director at the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny, leads on health and social care and oversees our work in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.