CfGS Submission to LUHC Select Committee Call for Evidence on Oflog

Posted on 24/01/2024 by Megan Ingle.

We’ve recently submitted our insights to the Levelling Up Housing and Communities Select Committee regarding the establishment of the Office for Local Government (Oflog).

Contact for Inquiries:

For any questions or further discussion, please reach out to Camilla de Bernhardt Lane at:

Highlights of Our Submission:

We envision that Oflog could become a key player in the assurance framework for local government, with a focus on oversight, showcasing best practices, and providing essential data on council performance. However, addressing the complex financial pressures in local government requires more than data curation. We emphasise the importance of understanding the nuanced decision-making processes within councils and propose the integration of Oflog’s work within the broader assurance framework and organisations already working in this space.

We highlight potential operational challenges for Oflog and suggest a focus on the overall corporate health of councils. Our recommendations include enhancing the understanding of cultural factors leading to risk and resilience in council operations.

In-Depth Analysis:

For a detailed view of our perspective and recommendations regarding Oflog, please read our full submission by clicking the link below