Government Scrutiny Guidance Symposium – 20th June, London – book now

Posted on 17/05/2019 by Fiona Corcoran.

On 20th June CfGS will be holding a symposium to discuss the Government’s new statutory guidance on overview and scrutiny.

The first general Government guidance on scrutiny since 2006, it provides a vital opportunity for practitioners to reflect on current practice and to talk to their peers about how scrutiny will move into its third decade. 

This event will be a vital opportunity for members and officers to discuss the guidance, what it means for them, and the action they propose to take as a result. It is a vital event for:

  • Monitoring Officers and other senior local government lawyers;
  • Democratic Services Managers and officers;
  • Directors of Corporate Resources, policy managers and others in the “corporate core” of the authority;
  • Councillors – including councillors on the executive, scrutiny chairs and other scrutiny members;
  • Representatives from organisations

The guidance also applies to combined authorities and committee system authorities that operate overview and scrutiny, so officers from those organisations should also attend alongside colleagues from councils operating executive arrangements.