Mears Group PLC

Posted on 22/05/2020 by Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.

Designing and delivering new customer engagement mechanisms for Mears Group PLC

The client and background 

Mears is one of the UK’s leading housing and care providers to both the public and private sector, with over 12,000 employees. They wanted to review their current approach to engaging customers in their business and develop new more effective ways to listen and respond.

What we did and the impact 

We worked with them to design a new approach to customer engagement reflecting customer need and their business priorities. We supported the development of three customer engagement mechanisms:

  • An independently chaired and supported Customer Scrutiny Board reporting into their PLC board.
  • A Customer Champions Forum focused on existing client tenant and customer activities and their own customer engagement teams.
  • An online Customer Network engaging with hundreds of Mears customers.

CfGS provided invaluable support during the development phase and led the recruitment of customers representatives to the Board and Terrie Alafat CBE as Chair. The Board began meeting in February 2020 and is focused on a range of issues including customer communications and the Mears COVID-19 response.

We continue to work with Mears on the delivery of the Scrutiny Board and development of the Customer Champions Forum. A model approach for public and private sector providers.


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