Andy Fry steps down from Chief Executive role at CfGS

Posted on 29/07/2022 by Megan Ingle.

Andy Fry steps down from Chief Executive role at CfGS

Andy Fry has decided to step down from his role as Chief Executive at the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny due to a change in personal circumstances.  Andy will continue to work for CfGS as an Associate following his departure, which will see Ed Hammond take over as interim Chief Executive on the 12 August until a substantive appointment is made later this year.

Commenting on his exit from the role, Andy explained that: “it is a matter of deep regret that I will be leaving CfGS after only 6-months with the organisation. A recent unanticipated change in my personal circumstances has led me to conclude that I won’t be able to reconcile the demands of a busy full-time job at the Centre with commitments that have emerged in my personal life, so it’s time to reset my work/life balance for a while.

I am, however, delighted that I will be working alongside colleagues at CfGS as a part-time Associate, and continuing to contribute to the invaluable work the organisation does.”

Responding to Andy’s decision to step down, Chair of the CfGS Board of Trustees, Lord Bob Kerslake said: “I’m sorry that Andy is having for personal reasons to step down. I am pleased that he will continue to contribute to the work of CfGS as an Associate. He brought some fresh and good ideas to CfGS in the short period he was with us and I wish him all the best for the future.”