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Supporting business to build social responsibility  

We work with a number of major, international companies to build and demostrate their social value and corporate responsibility. You can see a selection of organisations we’ve worked with here.

Building corporate commitments that focus on wider social impacts and produce public benefits are critical components of generating considerable trust and reputational value. We support companies to set out their plans in creating the future relationship they want to shape with communities, employees, suppliers, the environment and society as a whole. 

Helping organisations demonstrate this commitment and to implement effective, meaningful scrutiny is a key part of our consultancy support for business. We work with companies to develop costomer-facing charters and commitments that are publicly reported and carefully scrutinised – bolstering existing governance arrangements.

Scrutiny as a business performance improver

Using the frameworks and techniques of scrutiny in the business context supports strategy development, improves decision-making and provides objective critical-friend analysis of performance and delivery. These techniques, and a commitment to the principles of transparency and accountability, can transform management culture and operational efficiency, with limited investment and disruption.

Our work also covers engaging in extensive governance reviews and support for companies, national institutions, public service bodies, membership organisations, charities and faith bodies.

We can help you with a range of challenges:

  • Reviewing social responsibility plans
  • Creating structures to demonstrate accountability
  • Recruitment of people and development of accountability frameworks
  • Creating frameworks to build stronger a client-customer relationships
  • Using scrutiny techniques to improve performance and decision-making

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