And the award goes to…

Posted on 11/05/2016 by Ed Hammond. Tags:

On 16 June, the winners of this year’s MJ Awards will be announced. For 2016, we have sponsored an award, for “Excellence in Governance and Scrutiny”. We want to bring excellent scrutiny work to a far wider audience than holding our own awards programme has allowed in the past, and sponsoring an award in this way provides a good opportunity to do this.

Canterbury, Calderdale, Durham, Hackney, Stockton and Swansea councils have all been shortlisted. Over the next couple of weeks, each of these councils will blog for us on the Knowledge Hub about their work and their approach to scrutiny, and we’ll be arranging lunchtime Q&As – also on the Knowledge Hub – to give scrutiny practitioners an opportunity to discuss their work with them.

The first Q&A will be held with Dave McKenna of Swansea Council on Wednesday 18 May. If you haven’t already, please join the Scrutiny Practitioners’ Group on the Knowledge Hub to take part.

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