Combined Authorities Governance Network

Posted on 28/07/2020 by Kate Grigg.

The background

CfGS drafted guidance for the Local Government Association (LGA) on combined authority overview and scrutiny in advance of the creation of the Mayoral combined authorities. Since their creation, the Combined Authorities Governance Network (CAGN) has been a network established and facilitated by the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny with LGA funding to bring together members and officers with an involvement or interest in governance and scrutiny in combined authorities.

What we do and the impact

Over the past year and a half, CfGS has organised and facilitated CAGN meetings, provided a help-desk style guidance offering, and has undertaken several pieces of research relating to governance issues across different policy areas.

We continue support the combined authorities through the provision of training and networking opportunities. The network provides an opportunity for common issues and solutions to governance challenges to be identified by practitioners and provides a way to share good practice. CfGS also gives a voice for those involved in combined authority governance on the national stage.


If you are involved or interested in combined authority governance and scrutiny, and would like to join the CAGN get in touch by emailing 

About the Author: Kate Grigg

Kate works across the CfGS research and consultancy programmes, supporting projects in local government and the corporate sector, and facilitating the combined authorities goverance network.