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Posted on 13/10/2016 by Nicolay Sorensen.

CfGS is sponsoring the Excellence in Governance and Scrutiny category at the MJ Awards in 2017.

Picture of winners of Excellence in Governance and Scrutiny MJ Awards

Durham Council – celebrating their win last year






The MJ Awards

The Excellence in Governance and Scrutiny MJ Award is an opportunity to have your work recognised nationally. 

Since they were launched in 2004 to recognise and promote the hard work and dedication of local authority staff and managers The MJ Awards have become one of the best ways of recognising and promoting innovation while the foyers of town and county halls up and down the country proudly display MJ Award trophies. The annual gala night when winners are announced – next year on June 15 – has become one of the highlights of the local government calendar.

The Excellence in Governance and Scrutiny Category

Very few decisions are straight-forward in local government. Most now involve a range of stakeholders, complex scenarios, multiple options and politically difficult choices. 

Excellent governance and scrutiny can play a vital a role in supporting decision-making, ensuring accountability, transparency and involvement. Improved outcomes generally follow. 

Designing approaches to governance and scrutiny is becoming more challenging, whether it is for a one off exercise or for a whole organisation, partnership or project. This award will go to the council, combined authority or partnership that best demonstrates how excellent governance and scrutiny has added value to a decision-making process or is helping your organisation/partnership achieve its objectives. 

Judges will be looking beyond legal compliance for evidence of how you designed your approach to reflect the unique challenges and circumstances faced by your organisation/ partnership. In particular we will be looking for evidence of: 

  • Political and leadership buy-in, clarity of roles and responsibilities and the rationale behind your approach.
  • How openness and transparency was promoted and stakeholders were involved and heard.   
  • The impact your approach has had, or is having, on the decision-making process, the contribution to specific decisions, the
  • impact on residents and the benefits for those involved. 

The closing date for entries is 3 February 2017.

For more information and to enter the Excellence in Scrutiny and Governance MJ Awards please please visit the awards website to submit your entry online


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