Our response to the Education Select Committee’s concerns on Regional Schools Commissioners

Posted on 20/01/2016 by Su Turner. Tags: ,

On the release of the Education Committee’s report on Regional Schools Commissioners, Su Turner, Director of Children and Young People at the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny said: 

“The drive for academies and free schools has not been accompanied by sufficient consideration of how schools should be scrutinised leading to an accountability deficit. At best this means schools are unclear about who they are ultimately answerable to at worst it is going to endanger school improvement plans and impact student outcomes. Parents are going to be confused about which bodies they need to approach should they want to complain about performance, or have a grievance or raise an admissions issue. Our research has shown that good governance can improve school performance and improve pupil results. Local councillors can help mitigate some of the accountability risks, through their community leadership roles, and we urge them to get to know schools in their ‘patch’ and to foster better working relationships with head teachers and governors.  We  welcome an open debate about the future of school accountability and urge government to consider the report’s recommendations, involving parents, schools and governors in their efforts to maximise outcomes for all children.“

  • The Education Committee has today published The role of Regional School Commissioners which has highlighted the accountability problems with a growing number  of schools outside council control.
  • CfGS recently published a report ‘Your school, your community’, highlighting the growing accountability deficit in education and the role councillors can play in school improvement. The publication is available here.
  • Su’s blog on school accountability and role of councillors can be read here.

About the Author: Su Turner

CfGS has a wealth of experience in supporting the governance and scrutiny of safeguarding, children’s services and education, for more information please contact us by emailing: info@cfgs.org.uk. This page was originally authored by Su Turner, formerly Director of Children and Young People, who left CfGS in April 2017.