Our renaming

Posted on 28/09/2020 by Jacqui McKinlay.

Today (29th September 2020) sees the Centre for Public Scrutiny change our name to the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny.  

This change reflects the wider scope of our work and expertise in governance, whilst being clear that we are still the experts in local government scrutiny, with an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience.  

We are proud of our long track record of working with local government and supporting democratic decision-making, and want to continue to support the sector on all aspects of governance and scrutiny.  

This change in name is about better reflecting our long-standing expertise in corporate governance more generally – in the local government sector and beyond.  

It will also help us to centre our role on political and organisational culture – critical elements of good governance which have a critical impact on the scrutiny role.  

Our expertise in navigating difficult, sensitive and challenging organisational and political contexts is unique and brings significant benefits to officers, members and the organisation.  

We would be keen to discuss how we can help – from providing independent facilitation to supporting local democracy reviews, constitutional reviews and changes to governance models – amongst the other services we can provide to the local government sector.  

All of our support can be delivered virtually, and we have also redeveloped our wide-ranging training for officers and councillors. 

About the Author: Jacqui McKinlay

Jacqui was Chief Executive of the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny from 2015 until 2021.