What is the best way for local authorities to use public money?

Posted on 19/02/2016 by Centre for Governance and Scrutiny. Tags: ,


In fact, what is the best way for local authorities to understand what “the best way” even is?

One method that CfGS have been interested in for a long time is Social Return on Investment, as advocated by Social Value UK. We believe both scrutiny and decision makers can use a SROI framework to judge the social value that big decisions can bring. With the support of Grant Thornton UK, we published a paper outlining how and why local councils should use SROI when it comes to major service change.

To continue discussion on SROI and scrutiny even further, we held a roundtable event to discuss the paper and its consequences for local councils. Chaired by Rob Whiteman of CIPFA, the panel included Directors of Finance, scrutiny officers, SROI practitioners and more. You can find our report of proceedings here

Many thanks again to all the participants, and to Grant Thornton UK for supporting the event. 

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