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Posted on 01/01/2013 by Su Turner. Tags: , , ,

Helping scrutiny to influence local education and support school leaders to improve results and outcomes for children.

All schools have become more independent of councils in recent years, but the Academies Act of 2010, the rapid increase in Academies in many areas and the emergence of Free Schools, has fundamentally changed established relationships. The council is still accountable for promoting academic excellence, protecting vulnerable children, school place planning and a whole raft of other responsibilities. To discharge these through what is effectively becoming in some areas an independent sector, councils need to develop a strong strategic role based on completely new ‘rules of engagement’.

CfGS recognised that the new pressures on councils with respect to the results achieved by pupils in their schools, regardless of management structures, required councils to increase their knowledge of pupil attainment and school improvement and the role of the council in school improvement – and that there is a role for scrutiny.

About the Author: Su Turner

CfGS has a wealth of experience in supporting the governance and scrutiny of safeguarding, children’s services and education, for more information please contact us by emailing: This page was originally authored by Su Turner, formerly Director of Children and Young People, who left CfGS in April 2017.