Peeling the Onion

Posted on 01/01/2011 by Su Turner. Tags: , ,

This comprehensive support programme formed the first phase of a longer term piece of work to help local authorities tackle health inequalities through their scrutiny function.

13.5% of councils in England were involved. This document sets out the lessons learned from this support exercise, and offers practical advice.

Local Government has a significant role in improving health; the services that are provided by local authorities can affect a persons’ health. Scrutiny provides a platform for members, officers, the community and professionals to come together to focus on and unpick the complexities of health inequalities.

About the Author: Su Turner

CfGS has a wealth of experience in supporting the governance and scrutiny of safeguarding, children’s services and education, for more information please contact us by emailing: This page was originally authored by Su Turner, formerly Director of Children and Young People, who left CfGS in April 2017.